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...on the website of Stookie. Here you will find out more about his music, projects and other information.

"At this point I would like to thank a few people, organisations and interest groups and give them my humble regards. Without them I wouldn't be where I am now. For motivating words, happy social life, great evenings in the pub and this great website I would like to thank:

Barbara Brunner (blueberry muffins kick ass!!!), Yves-Pascal Schaub (webdesigner, co-musician and friend), Monika Flury und Dieter Häring (FCB rocks), Flavia aka Lia (thanX for your voice), Sergey Studer (see you in the Butcherrun), Zsolt Földi (Simpsons, "Ghost in the Shell" and ripped DVD's), Tina Aggarwal (thanX for still being a friend), Azian Zulkifli (thanX for giving me the input to "Release" and a great time), Stefan Häseli und Martina Teichmann (long time friend, great foode), Markus Gisin (Semper Fidelis*LOL*), Treier Roland (I can see my mirror image in your face...), Riner Patrick (financial wizard), Marcel Rohrer (political wizard), Andre Thalmann (traveler and southsee Pirat), Beat Huber (former footballer, future boxer), Christoph Reding (digging in the dirt), Marc Fäh aka Bengston and Barbara (thanX for the name, thanX for your support), Downpressor (your tunes are wicked), Be&See (great stuff, keep it up), Adrian and Silvia Stoll (Adrian: Why on earth did you put me with carneval in contact? Silvia: Great whisky drinker.), GMR (weird guys, great sound), OCB (weird guys , good sound..*smile*), A-Zulauf (great music-shop, good deals)."

And now have fun in Stookie's virtual kingdom!