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Stookie is a young musician, who feels at home with music styles such as Breakbeat, Drum'n Bass, Industrial, Prog-Rock and Pop. His music is a mixture between these elements, which turns out to be very interesting.

Stookie's first musical contact was in 1979, when the world famous rock band "KISS" appeared in front of him in form of a magazine cover. Inspired by the appearance of the four men clothed in leather, he startet dreaming of making music. This dream should come true a few years later. But before making music he started to spin records at partys and produced mix-tapes at home. The hinderance of vinyl records, two decks and a mixer forced his dream to grow and to create his own tunes instead of "just mixing" them.

A whole new world of sound and possibilities opened up to Stookie after he purchased his first synthesizer, a CASIO VZ10. This instrument was his first milestone in creating his own recording studio. After some time though the "new world of sound" and "possibilities" turned out to have barriers higher than he thought. He realized that he needed to invest more time, money and energy in further equipment.

During this time, electronic music was more then ever on Stookie's mind. Bands like Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb or Front-242, only to name a few, woke the interrests in the young musician. More and more it turned out that there must be more then "just electronic sounds". First contact with crossover bands like Senser, Fear Factory or even the metal-influences of Front Line Assembly gave him the kick-start to bring his music even further.

Stookie collected some band-experience when he was joining a gothic-band as keyboarder and sound programmer. Working together with divers musicians and other instruments was very fruitful for him. This experience opened his mind to a different view towards music.

With this experience Stookie went back to his electronic music and created more tunes and songs. The Focus is the more alternative dance-music style of Drum'n Bass. He recieved musical support from Yves P. Schaub (friend, guitar player and webdesigner) and later on from the singer Lia. With further motivation and support from BENGSTON (DJ and Label-Owner of Ritmic Rec.) he released his first track on vinyl titled "EXPERIMENTS".

Musical CV

Working as a DJ and producing mix-tapes at home.

Stookies first synthesizer (CASIO VZ10).

1992 - 1996:
Upgrading and extending his studio.

1996 - 1997:
Keyborder of a local gothic-band.

1998 - 2000:
Musical development.

First musical sessions with Yves P. Schaub (guitar).

- BENGSTON invents the Pseudonym "Stookie" after two beers in Frankfurt (Germany) at the music exhibition.
- Stookie started writing songs for his debut "RELEASE"
- Relocation of the studio

Release of: "Experiments" under Ritmic Records.

2002 - 2003:
Recording Sessions together with Lia and Yves.